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Covid 19 and Global Perspective of English Language Learning

Author :
  • Ritu Pareek
The global pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus has affected and directly/indirectly influenced English language instruction. As an immediate remedy teachers and students switch the mode of learning from offline to virtual. As a result, synchronous and asynchronous online teaching have become very popular. This time has undoubtedly presented significant problems for both teachers and students, but it has also provided a unique chance to better appreciate the potential benefits of online teaching in English-language instruction. The main knowledge gained by the English-language-teaching community during the COVID-19 pandemic is identified and analyzed in this study, which is a systematic thematic evaluation of empirical studies relevant to English-language teaching and the COVID-19 pandemic. It concludes with a review of the pandemic's lessons learned and potential solutions.
Keywords : Synchronous, significant, appreciate, potential, relevant
Volume 5 | Issue 1